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Our officials generally ignore input from the public and approve rezoning for ever higher densities, and fail to obtain and preserve greenspace. The excuse given is that the "silent majority" who did not speak up wants higher density and less greenspace. We want to disprove this once and for all by getting at least 10,000 Naperville area residents to say otherwise. We'll use the list for years to come to assist like-minded residents and groups as issues arise, and to change our course away from ever higher densities and destruction of greenspace. Please add your name to the list by completing the survey below.

Your name and address will only be given out as part of a complete list of at least of at least 1,000 like minded people. Your phone and email will be kept only by the WSGPC for verification purposes.

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I believe that whenever possible the remaining open land in the Naperville area should be retained as open space and that it should be a primary mission of Naperville's governmental bodies to accomplish this through acquisitions, easements, agreements and other methods which respect the law and reasonable property rights. When situations arise where the Naperville Park District or the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County fail to understand that this is their primary mission, the City of Naperville should acquire these lands and then later resell them to the appropriate district when that district becomes more enlightened.

I know this proposal has a cost, and I expect our governmental bodies to accomplish it as economically as is possible, but I believe that failing to act now will be even more costly by reducing the quality of life in our community over the long-term.

I believe it should be a priority of Naperville's governmental bodies to minimize further increases in the intensity of land uses in the Naperville area. We have reached the point where higher density and increased population has become a negative rather than a plus. Higher density zoning and more intense land uses should be limited to those rare situations where the decision for the higher density use is obvious. Lower density development and protection of land for passive recreation assures that land attains its highest and best possible use.

Important factors to consider include but are not limited to:

  • impacts (good and bad) on those nearby as well as current stakeholders and user groups
  • reasonable property rights
  • overall impact to the Naperville area, both good and bad, balancing increased overall congestion against more attractive alternatives that improve the quality of life

I expect the Naperville areas' governmental bodies to do their best to minimize any negative impacts that may arise from this policy while clearly stating its many benefits for the community at large.

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