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Labor day Parade draws 40 Participants

Well the Parade was just great!  
Great weather, great turnout of the spectators, great turnout of people who marched with us and supported the West Street Greenspace Preservation Coalition (wsgpc.org). About a half a dozen times the crowd broke out into spontaneous loud applause and shouts of encouragement to save open space and complete the pond park of Hobson West.   Even though we were unit 89 out of about a hundred or so, the crowds were still thick and appreciative of our message.  A lot of support was shown for the cause. We had plenty of people in green tee shirts with,
on the back. The kids had fun handing out candy to the other kids.   There were kids in the pickup trucks, and kids and adults in a fishing boat (courtesy of Rob Rubeck). There were plenty of signs about saving open space and saving the ponds.   Fliers were distributed with information about the Hobson Ponds issue as well as the city's review of the Caroline Martin-Mitchell land use. A great time was had by all.