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Hobson West Ponds- Attend meeting Aug. 9th (6:50 PM)

It appears likely that the Naperville Park Board will likely (finally) address the status of the residents request to acquire the property on West street (now known as the Ponds of Hobson West) between the two Hobson West Ponds. It is very important that we get a lot of people out to attend the next Park District meeting on Thursday evening, August 9, at 7 pm at the city council chambers (400 S. Eagle St.). Please attend if you can and call your friends from around the city to also attend.

The Coalition will be making a all out push during the fall to persuade the Park District that the purhchase of the land between the ponds is of great value to the Naperville community. We have until Dec.31to reach an agreement with Crestview Builders and intend to do all possible up until the eleventh hour. If you are a Coalition member, watch your mail...if not think about joining (see membership icon on top of page).