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WSGPC member and Park Board candidate H. Tom O'Hale Renews West St. Pledge

To the Members of the West Street Greenspace Preservation Coalition:

I would like to express my position regarding the properties that are of concern to the members of the West Street Greenspace Preservation Coalition. My initial interest in the properties along West Street arose when I became aware that there was a possibility that the Garden Plots would be used as a skate park.  I became involved in the efforts to thwart that plan. I have been keenly interested in all of the open space along West Street ever since.

Currently I am running for Naperville Park District Commissioner. I pledge that if elected I will vigilantly guard the open space along West Street. Specifically, I will do all in my power to see that the land between Hobson Ponds is purchased by the Naperville Park District, either alone, or in partnership with another public body or philanthropic agency. I am committed to protecting the garden plots, the Sportsman’s Club and Von Oven from development or modification of their current uses.

In summary I believe that the Naperville Park District should strike a balance between protecting the open spaces still available and providing affordable indoor recreational spaces. Please vote for me on April 17, 2007 to protect the West Street


H. Tom O’Hale