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Park District Candidate Roger Brown commits to preserving West Street Corridor

Candidacy Statement of Roger Brown

Naperville Park District, (NPD)

As a resident of Naperville since 1981, I’ve served in a variety of leadership positions with ten significant non profit groups-most notably Director/Last Fling, VP/Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center and Chairman/CAPS. I know and understand Naperville and the dynamics that make it the great community that it is.

I’m running for NPD Commissioner to help restore public trust and confidence in the NPD Board, which has been sadly lacking in recent years and deliver best in class recreational facilities and programs in a fiscally responsible manner. My first act as a Commissioner will be to move that no major capital project will be planned without a referendum. A key factor in capital spending at this time is a much bigger issue and priority –purchase and preservation of last remaining open space. The NPD’s failure to act last year to purchase the parcel at Hobson Ponds is a major issue to me. A major push to accomplish this immediately upon taking office is my second act.

My primary goals are two-fold:

1-Reach out to engage and listen to all stakeholders in the Park District. Work cooperatively with individuals, groups, business and other governmental bodies to develop new and creative ways to partner to best deliver recreational assets. Ronald Reagan once said "there’s no limit to where a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit". I’d like to instill some of that spirit in the NPD.

2-Move quickly and urgently to examine the last remaining parcels of open land in our community that are appropriate for public use and either, independently or with other governmental bodies and conservancy groups, acquire them for public use,(again, most urgently the parcel at Hobson Ponds). The new intergovernmental study of best use of the Martin-Mitchell Land Bequest holds great promise. However, it’s my view, the current low-density use of the West St.Corridor cannot be changed as part of any future reconfiguration. Specifically, I will work, if elected, to ensure that the Garden Plots, Von Oven Reservation and Sportsman’s Park are "off the table" as regards any deal making on the future of the package.

I’m happy to talk with anyone interested in future Park District plans, please feel free to contact me @630-853-1365 or

Please spread the word to friends and neighbors and be sure to get out and vote on April 17!

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