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Park District Candidate Tom O'Hale

I am currently a principal at Truman Middle College High School, located on the campus of Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago.  I have held high school level positions as a social studies instructor, swimming coach, dean of discipline, assistant principal and principal.  I have four children, Kelly, Shawn, Carolyn and John; and four wonderful grandchildren, Leah, Hannah, Connor, and Aiden.
In order to provide my younger children, Carolyn and John, with the excellent educational benefits and other amenities of Naperville, I chose to live in Naperville and commute daily to the North Side of Chicago.
My Concerns:
In the nine years I have lived in Naperville, I have witnessed a small city become a large city.  The rapid population growth has turned farm land into an ever-expanding crop of housing resulting in increased congestion.
There is a current trend for speculators, developers and builders, to purchase the few existing small parcels of land and change the zoning of this land so that they may over-build to maximize profits.  I feel that it is one of the missions of the Naperville Park District to preserve these small parcels of land and dedicate them to outdoor sports, recreation and leisure activities.
My Commitment:
I think that the District's top priorities for the next year are to provide additional moderately-priced indoor facilities such as basketball courts and instructional classrooms for all Park District residents, including residents with special needs.  I think the District should also focus on providing a true Olympic competition pool (50 meters by 25 meters) at a reasonable cost, if not this year, then certainly in the next few years.  Moreover, building moderately priced facilities will make funds available next year to purchase additional land that can be used for sports, walking, gardening and passive recreational activities.  By passive recreational areas, I can specifically mention the land between the Hobson Ponds.  Two ponds, both owned by the Park District, should be connected to form a logical and beautiful passive area.