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Limited Reopening of Sportsman’s Park Projected for early December; Most Landscaping and Tree Planting Delayed until Spring 2015.

Driving south along West St. past Von Oven Scout Reservation and the small stand of trees that serve as a reminder of what not long ago was Sportsman’s Woods, the apparently desolate landscape conceals the considerable progress that has been made towards the remediation of the site since last spring. Major work required for the remediation of the area, voluntarily undertaken by the Naperville Park District with approval by the City, is said to be nearing completion.  Since the Park District’s trapshooting program has been operating with a valid National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) since early 2000, resuming the program is NOT dependent on achieving a letter of No Further Remediation (NFR) from the IEPA.
      The NFR, previously achieved for areas of the park not currently being remediated, is the stated goal of the entire project. When granted, alternate land uses on the property would be legally attainable, but the immediate land use would revert back to the 1988 lease signed by the Park District with the express intent to operate a trapshooting facility on the property until at least 2087, when the lease expires.
     Another stated goal of the remediation project is to open the areas of Sportsman’s Park not used for trapshooting to the general public. These areas have historically been open to the public, and a limited system of wooded paths was open to the public at the time the first trees were cut down. Of course without trees and other vegetation the area is no longer a desirable location for a secluded hike in the woods, and the West St. Coalition believes the 150 trees slated for the restoration of the site is insufficient.
     During the summer a contractor asked for a delay in the natural restoration of the site until spring of 2015. This request was granted by the Park District.