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Board Members Elected- Departing Board Members Nan Kroll and Susan Kursar Praised

At our May 14th meeting the following individuals were elected or re-elected to the board for the 2014-16 term:

George Bennett- President;

Cindy Schneider- Vice-President;

Fred Turek- Recording Secretary;

Jeannine Alameda-Walega-Treasurer;

Elaine Fisher- Director;

Tom O’Hale- Director;

Denise O’Hale- Director;

      Rod Randall was appointed as our un-elected and independent Special Consultant. The position of Corresponding Secretary was eliminated.

          Additionally we bid farewell to two longtime members of the board. Nan Kroll, a founding member, did not seek re-election after serving more than 14 years on the board. Susie Kursar, our 3-term Treasurer, also did not seek re-election. Nan and Susie, thank you for your time and tenacity on so many of the issues we faced together. We wish you both all the best and hope to see you around soon!