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Adopt-A-Highway Fall Event Saturday Nov. 16th, 9AM

We will conduct our fall West St. Parkway spruce event on Saturday Nov. 16th starting at 9AM. This is an Adopt-a-Highway event, made possible by the Naperville Department of Public Works. All members of the Coalition and community members who support our mission are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will have donuts and coffee which you are welcome to even if you are coming by to just talk. Our goal as it has been since 1999 when we were formed, is to help accomplish our mission by beautifying the West St. Corridor. If possible please RSVP to George Bennett, President of the WSGPC at bennettgeorge@hotmail.com.

         We will meet as close as we can to the location that hosted our Plant-a Row for the Hungry Booth. This is as near as possible to the Sportsman's Park Access Road, in light of Phase 1 of the voluntary Site Remediation Program ongoing at Sportsman's woods.